Aden Neumeister, Psy.D.

I am a licensed psychologist (PSY 26167) providing depth psychotherapy, psychedelic integration, and ketamine assisted psychotherapy in Oakland, California.

Contact me: Email / (510) 240-5968

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic medicine which can produce consciousness expanding experiences. Using ketamine in a therapeutic container can catalyze change in a unique way. Often people report the breaking of patterns and opening of the heart.  Safely altering consciousness invites us into a world beyond our everyday understanding, providing sensations and material that are finally new, or bring a felt sense of something lost being found.  Some common changes as a result of  KAP are:

  • decreased sense of fear
  • decreased negative self talk
  • increased frustration tolerance
  • increased compassion for self and others
  • spiritual growth
  • a break from rumination

Please contact me for more information on the KAP process.

A comprehensive resource for learning about ketamine and KAP is KRIYA Institute.

Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic experiences can range from elating to traumatic.  Through a connective integration process, these experiences can both settle and grow. Gaining insight about the psyche’s journey and getting support for the feelings evoked may lead to an enlivening and heartfelt process that can be  lived out in a daily way.  

Individual Therapy

I work deeply and psychodynamically with an anti-oppression lens.  Through inner exploration and collaboration in therapy,  we can make sense of some of life’s complexities and the suffering they may cause. In the process, relationships with self and others can ultimately become more aligned and more loving. I deeply believe that the therapy process can unfold meaning, connection and internal freedom, bringing us closer to who we really are. My specialties include trauma, grief and LGBTQ issues.

Couples Therapy

Relationship therapy can uncover new insights and burgeon better communication.  I work with couples to uncover truths that may be masked in old dynamics. Intimacy and compassion can evolve through a deeper understanding of these inner workings.  Whether the couple is searching for a lifeline, wanting to explore and grow, or preparing to dissolve the partnership, couples therapy can make transitions smoother and more meaningful.

About Aden Neumeister

Throughout my career I have continuously been moved by the nuances and changes that this work entails, and the life that it can bring forth.  My studies and experience have endowed me with a passion for both the skill and the mystery of therapy. Some currently relevant credentials are:

M.A. Feminist Clinical Psychology- New College of California, 2005

Psy.D. Clinical Psychology- Wright Institue Berkeley, 2011

MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy Certification, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, 2021

100 completed Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy training hours, Polaris Insight Center, 2023

A few personal loves which always inform my work are gardening, collaging,  Buddhist teachings, and animals.